Career Outlook: IT Project Managers

IT project managers direct the IT departments and teams that focus on information technology in their organizations. IT project managers oversee projects including software and hardware development and changes, telecommunications strategy and more.

In general, a project manager’s job is to take a project from an idea to full implementation. Project managers delegate responsibilities, set timelines and coordinate work in departments and organizations. Project managers monitor the progress of a project in order to better strategize and solve problems. Project managers ensure that their team has the resources and skills to complete their tasks, and they act as a leader when necessary.

IT project managers need skills like communication and leadership in order to succeed in this position. Communication is key because project managers must be able to clearly explain what is expected of everyone working on a project. The main task of IT project managers is to be able to ensure that everyone has the same end goal and vision for a project. They do this by communicating the mission and reasoning behind the projects.

IT project managers need leadership skills in order to keep their team on task. Project managers need skills in conflict resolution. This helps to keep projects on track. Having hard skills in information technology and computer science is essential to success.

Career Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that job growth for computer and information systems managers, including IT project managers, is expected to be 15 percent by 2024. That is much faster than the average for all occupations. The BLS explains that demand will be particularly high in the healthcare and insurance industries. Many project managers move on to administrative roles, like chief technology officer, within their organization.

Salary Potential

The median annual wage for computer and information systems managers is $131,600. Those who work in finance and insurance can earn $136,240. Those who work in manufacturing can earn $134,060.

Education Required

Generally, individuals must have at least a bachelor’s degree to acquire an entry-level position as an IT project manager. However, many companies prefer IT project managers who have a graduate degree. An online Master of Science in IT Management is an ideal degree to prepare professionals for this career. Pursuing a master’s degree online like the MS in IT Management from Campbellsville University allows students to maintain their careers while learning the skills needed to succeed in an IT project management position.