Clinical Social Worker

A clinical social worker diagnoses and treats a patient who has a mental, emotional, or behavioral illness. They work with clients and possibly other healthcare professionals to develop a treatment plan that helps patients cope with their diagnosis. They may have therapy sessions for individuals, families, groups or couples.

Job Responsibilities

A clinical social worker can diagnose and treat mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. They may also conduct therapy for couples, individuals, families and groups. The clinical social worker creates treatment plans for a patient while working with other healthcare professionals and determines methods to help the patient cope. This may involve referring patients to other services, such as support groups or other mental health professionals. A clinical social worker who does not yet have two years of supervised work in their resume is referred to as a master’s social worker.

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Typically, a clinical social worker works in an office setting, but they may also spend time traveling to visit clients. Sometimes, social workers work remotely through videoconferencing. They commonly work full time; however, work during evenings, weekends and while on-call may be necessary. The job can be stressful due to large caseloads and understaffing.

Clinical Social Worker Salary

Social workers’ median annual income as of 2022 was $61,420, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Of course, salaries vary based on a social worker’s industry and location. The top sector for social workers in 2022 was hospitals, and the median wage for hospital social workers was $66,300. However, social workers in individual and family services earned a median annual salary of $46,670 in 2022.

Thanks to the continued increase in healthcare spending and treatment, employment for clinical social workers is expanding. The BLS projects that employment will grow 7 percent through 2032.

Education Requirements

A master’s in social work is required for becoming a clinical social worker. Typically, the master’s degree takes two years to finish and involves students completing an internship or supervised practicum. Clinical social workers must also be licensed, regardless of their state. Licensure requires a master’s in social work, a minimum of two years of post-graduation supervised clinical experience and passing a clinical exam.

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