Tuition & Costs

Campbellsville University offers affordable tuition for all of its online degree programs. We offer associate, bachelor’s and graduate degrees, as well as certificates and teaching endorsements.

Certificate Programs

Post Graduate Certificates

ProgramCost per Credit HourTotal Credits in Program
Christian Ministry$550*27
Digital/Social Media$39918
ESL Endorsement$29915
Environmental Education Endorsement (P-12)$29912
Gifted & Talented Education Endorsement (P-12)$29912
Graduate English Studies$39918
Director of Pupil Personnel$29912
Director of Special Education – Levels I & II$29918-30
Moderate & Severe Disabilities$29921
School Counseling$29912
Superintendent Certification$29915
Supervisor of Instruction$29912

*Cost per course; 9 total courses in program for a total of 27 credits.

Associate Degrees

ProgramCost per Credit HourTotal Credits in Program
A.S. Business Administration$39962
A.S. Christian Studies$39962
A.S. Criminal Justice$39962
A.S. Education$39965
A.S. General Studies$39964
Mass Communications$39960

Bachelor’s Degrees

ProgramCost per Credit HourTotal Credits in Program
RN to BSN$325120
B.S. Business Administration$399120
B.S. Elementary Education (P–5)$399123
B.S. in General Business$399120
Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Sciences$399120
B.S. Criminal Justice Administration$399120
B.S. Leadership and Missions$399120
B.S. Pastoral Ministries$399120
B.S. Special Education – Learning Behavior Disorders (P–12)$399122
Bachelor of Social Work$399120

Graduate Degrees

ProgramCost per Credit HourTotal Credits in Program
Master in Management and Leadership$47930
Master of Business Administration$47936
M.A. in Education – Teacher Leader$29936
M.A. in Educational Administration – (Supervisor of Instruction P-12)$29930
M.A. in Educational Administration – Principal (P-12)$29930
M.A. in Educational Administration (Superintendent P-12)$29930
M.A. in Education in School Counseling (P-12)$29948
M.A. in English$29930
M.Ed. in Montessori Teacher Education$29936-42
M.A. Special Education – Initial Certification$29945
M.A. Special Education – Teacher Leader$29930
M.A. Sport Management$39930
M.A. in Teaching Early Childhood Education (P-K)$29936-39
 M.A. in Teaching Primary Grades (P-5)$29936-42
M.A. in Teaching Middle Grades (5-9)$29930-36
M.A. in Teaching High School (8-12)$29930-36
M.A. in Teaching – Health and Physical Education$29933-39
M.A. TESOL$39936-39
M.A. School Improvement – Rank I$29930
Master of Music in Music Education$39932
M.S. Computer Science$52530
M.S. Justice Studies – Criminology$39936
M.S. Justice Studies – Leadership in Social Justice$39936
M.S. in Nursing with FNP Track$55945
M.S. in Nursing in Health System Leadership$55938
Master of Social Work$55960
Master of Theology$29930
Master of Divinity$29975

Financial Aid

We provide several financial aid options to eligible students. Simply complete your application for financial aid on the FAFSA website, and we’ll notify you of
your aid eligibility. We also offer several scholarships and grants, as well as reduced tuition for active-duty military members and aid programs for veterans.
Learn more about financial aid

Transfer Credits

You can transfer your credits from another regionally accredited institution and apply them toward your degree. For our bachelor’s degrees, you can transfer up to 72 credits.
Learn more about transferring credits

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