Christian Counselors

What They Do

The role of counselors in religious settings is to guide people in their spiritual life and relationships, whether with their spouses, children, family members or other important connections in their life. Christian counselors use the Bible to inform their work. Counselors seek to resolve conflicts and restore relationships. Counselors may need skills in case management, substance abuse counseling or trauma counseling.

Career Growth

Career opportunities for Christian counselors depend on the employer and practice setting. Students should decide whether they want to become a licensed counselor or whether they aspire to pastoral counseling positions within the church.

Salary Potential

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not track data on counselors who work in religious settings. By way of comparison, school and career counselors make a median annual salary of $53,000, while mental health counselors make a median annual salary of $42,000. Pay intends to increase with the number of years of experience that counselors have.

Education Required

Counselors are required to have some form of higher education in order to practice. If students know they want to counsel in a religious setting, earning a degree from a Christian university is a wise choice. Those who wish to become licensed counselors need to meet the requirements for licensure, which vary by state. Christian counseling certifications are also available.