Athletic Director

Athletic directors are responsible for coordinating and supervising an organization’s athletic events and sports programs. They manage the athletic department as well as maintenance crews and may also partake in the recruitment and hiring processes for athletes and coaches. Athletic directors can take on other duties, such as marketing and budgeting for the athletic department.

Job Responsibilities

An athletic director manages and organizes the sports programs, athletic events and related finances for a college, university, secondary school or recreation department. He or she collaborates with general managers, coaches, team owners, executives and conference and division administrators. Athletic directors work to ensure that athletes’ needs are met, which might include finding housing, scheduling and other academic-related services. They manage competition schedules and promote academic and sportsmanship standards.

Additionally, the athletic director’s organization may provide a budget, for which they may have to produce budget allocation and forecasting reports. They may recruit and hire employees for the organization’s athletic department and ensure that all staff members obey policies. The athletic director might manage maintenance and janitorial personnel to maintain sporting event venues, such as fields, courts and stadiums. Also, they establish fundraising, marketing and promotional strategies. Lastly, the athletic director makes sure their organization is compliant with all school, division and government regulations.

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Athletic Director Salary

The median wage for athletic directors is $59,239 a year, according to PayScale. Pay is commensurate with experience, though. Athletic directors with fewer than five years of experience earn an average of $49,000 per year, while those with more than 20 years of expertise earn an average salary of $78,000. Including bonuses and profit sharing, salaries range from about $34,000 to $99,000.

Education Requirements

Generally, an athletic director has a background in athletics, coaching or teaching. Usually, a bachelor’s degree is necessary for a career as an athletic director. However, at the university level, a master’s degree is required. Some positions also require experience, especially in athletic administration.

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