Bailiffs are law enforcement officers who are sometimes known as court officers or marshals. They hold a significant position in a courtroom, as they maintain safety and order within it. They also assist the judge and handle evidence and court documents.

Job Responsibilities

A bailiff works inside a courtroom, and hours are decided by when the court is in session. A bailiff’s duties vary from court to court; however, the main job is to provide order and protection within the courtroom. Bailiffs enforce and adhere to the courtroom’s rules and procedures. Moreover, they escort judges, jurors, witnesses and the plaintiffs and defendants. Bailiffs are also in charge of swearing in witnesses and are the people who say, “All rise,” when the judge enters and leaves the bench.

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Bailiffs act as a neutral party. They provide assistance by delivering court documents and evidence from the plaintiffs or defendants to the judge. Sometimes, bailiffs may separate juries from the public when jurors are serving for a high-profile trial. They also guarantee that lawyers and witnesses don’t attempt to influence the jury outside of the courtroom. If necessary, bailiffs can also provide emergency medical services.

Bailiff Salary Details

Bailiffs earned a median annual wage of $49,100 in 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Those working for state governments tend to make more than bailiffs in local governments. At the state government level, bailiffs earned a median salary of $72,150, while local government bailiffs earned a median income of $43,380 per year.

Education Requirements

A high school diploma is commonly sufficient for those desiring to become a bailiff. However, federal agencies require a bachelor’s degree. A background in criminal justice can provide the knowledge needed for a career as a bailiff. Additional training at an academy is usually required.

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