Campbellsville University may allow your hard-earned college credits from any regionally accredited institution to be transferred. A transfer credit evaluation will determine how credits will be applied toward your degree. For credits from non-regionally accredited schools, the dean and head professor of your chosen program must approve them.

You may transfer up to 72 credit hours from an accredited junior or community college for any of our bachelor’s degrees. The amount of allowable transfer credits for our master’s degrees varies by program. After enrolling to Campbellsville Online, you can transfer an additional three credit hours when approved in advance by the director of student records.

In order to transfer credits, you must be in good standing and eligible to return to your previous school. Also, if your college or university transcript does not show that you graduated high school, you need to submit an official copy of your high school transcript to the Office of Admissions, regardless of how many total credit hours you have already earned.

Campbellsville University will only accept transfer credits for courses in which a D grade or higher was received. These grades will be factored into your GPA. However, you will be required to retake any classes in which the D grades you were received if they were English composition courses, developmental courses, or courses in your majors, minors or areas of concentration. Your GPA will be recalculated once you retake any of the courses.

Additionally, you must complete all of the university’s graduation requirements, which includes completing at least one-third of the course requirements in your majors, minors and areas of concentration through Campbellsville University. Your final 30 credit hours must be completed in residence, and a minimum of 25 percent of the coursework required for graduation must be completed through Campbellsville.

Degree LevelTransferrable Credits
Certificates and Endorsements9 credits
Associate Degrees32 credits
Bachelor’s Degrees72 credits
Graduate Degrees12 credits
Master of Social Work12 credits (Foundations Only)
6 credits (Advanced Standing Only)

Transfer Scholarship

Transferring existing college credits to one of Campbellsville University’s online bachelor programs is easy, especially with our Transfer Scholarship that is available to Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) graduates. No matter which one of KCTCS’s 70-plus campuses you attended, you can get the Transfer Scholarship.

You can apply any and all of your credits from your KCTCS associate degree to one of our bachelor’s degrees seamlessly to earn your degree in two years or less. Through the $1,500 Transfer Scholarship, you’ll also receive priority admission. It is available only to students who are seeking a bachelor’s degree.

Why Choose Campbellsville?

We are dedicated to providing a quality education to develop ethical, Christian leaders. By transferring to Campbellsville University, you can:

  • Earn the $1,500 Transfer Scholarship
  • Seamlessly transfer your hard-earned college credits
  • Earn your bachelor’s degree in two years or less
  • Learn from faculty who have real-world experience in their respective fields
  • Select from a wide range of bachelor’s degrees that cover areas including business, social work, criminal justice and more
  • Learn practical applications through a relevant curriculum to help you achieve your career goals

Frequently Asked Questions