Customer Success Manager

A customer success manager’s role is fundamental to how a business attracts and communicates with its customers. They work on building relationships with customers post-sale, which they recognize as when most of a company’s revenue occurs. A customer success manager focuses on customer retention and ensures that the purchaser is happy with the services or products he or she received.

Job Responsibilities

A business’s long-term profitability and customer engagement are a customer success manager’s main missions. They seek ways to boost customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction. When a problem arises, they remedy the situation, satisfy the customer and take steps to prevent repeated problems. Customer success managers also create goals and performance indicators for clients.

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Additionally, they develop upsell opportunities and define and optimize customer life cycle. They oversee customer success endeavors—such as the onboarding, training and functions of customer support—and monitor effectiveness. Customer success managers typically work during regular business hours in business-casual environments.

Customer Success Manager Salary

According to PayScale, the median annual salary for a customer success manager is $66,718. Including bonuses, commissions and profit sharing, salaries can range between $45,700 and $119,700.

Education Requirements

A bachelor’s degree for management-level positions is the minimum requirement for a position as a customer success manager. However, employers tend to require a master’s degree. A customer success manager often needs three years of experience managing customer-facing companies and an understanding of how to stimulate recurring revenue business models. They also need a passion for customers and a knowledge of analytics, as well as exceptional communication and presentation skills.

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