Volunteer Coordinator

In charge of a church or organization’s volunteer staff, a volunteer coordinator ensures that there are plenty of volunteers available for various functions. Volunteer coordinators recruit and train volunteer staff and manage the related paperwork and budget. They additionally assign volunteers to specific roles as needed.

Job Responsibilities

A volunteer coordinator manages a nonprofit organization or church’s volunteers. He or she creates job descriptions for volunteer positions and recruits volunteers via email, letters and phone calls. Volunteer coordinators also train and supervise volunteers and handle any of the related paperwork. They need to be well organized, as they keep track of all the volunteers’ work and hours.

Furthermore, volunteer coordinators pay attention to the organization’s activities to determine the need for volunteers and assign volunteers to certain positions for the events. They are additionally responsible for regulating the volunteering budget and evaluating and altering volunteer programs as necessary. Sometimes, the volunteer coordinator works with advertising and public relations agencies to better manage the workload. Travel may be required for this position, and the job can be either full or part time.

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Volunteer Coordinator Salary

PayScale states that the median annual wage for volunteer coordinators is $36,469. Salaries for this position can differ depending on location, the organization and experience. Entry-level volunteer coordinators can expect to earn around the $33,000 per year average. Those with 20 or more years of experience earn an average annual salary of $41,000.

Education Requirements

There are not many education requirements for a position as a volunteer coordinator. However, individuals seeking this career should excel at management, marketing, public speaking, fundraising, program management and possibly foreign languages. Some post-secondary coursework in any of these areas can prove to be beneficial.

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