Sports Marketing Manager

A sports marketing manager collaborates with the team or organization’s other personnel to develop marketing campaigns that will attract new fans, sponsors and increase revenue and success. They aim to generate interest in their organization. They may also oversee and hire marketing staff.

Job Responsibilities

In charge of television advertisements, stadium billboards and more, a sports marketing manager works closely with upper management to create and execute marketing campaigns. He or she collaborates with other marketing staff, executives and administrators in order to determine marketing messages. The sports marketing manager’s primary goal is to generate interest in their team, league, conference, school or organization.

The sports marketing manager’s role is especially important as marketing affects the organization’s identity, revenue and success. A marketing manager should stay current on new methods and discover ways to engage potential sponsors and fans. Additionally, they may share some duties with the general manager. Sports marketing managers typically work full time, and sometimes overtime may be necessary.

Pursue a Career in Sports Management

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Sports Marketing Manager Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that marketing managers, including sports marketing managers, earned a median wage of $131,180 per year. The position is highly desirable and essential, especially as organizations are looking to expand and maintain their market share. The BLS also projects that employment for marketing managers to grow 10 percent through 2026.

Education Requirements

Entry-level sports marketing managers should have a bachelor’s degree. The degree can be in either marketing, public relations, advertising, communications or business. However, a master’s in sport management is ideal for those who wish to go into sports marketing specifically. Many students also complete internships with a sports organization.

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