Marketing Manager

Working with other departments such as advertising and sales, marketing managers create programs that generate interest in a business’s products or services. They research and determine interest in products, along with possible markets and customers. Marketing managers also manage product development and oversee trends that may detect the demand for new products or services.

Job Responsibilities

Marketing managers coordinate a firm’s marketing programs. They conduct market research to identify the demand for the company’s products or services and determine potential customers and markets. Additionally, marketing managers work to maximize profits by creating and executing pricing strategies. They work closely with other departments, such as advertising, public relations, product development and sales. They also hire and supervise marketing staff.

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Most marketing managers work full-time schedules. Travel for meetings with clients and media representatives may be required. The career can also be stressful at times, especially near deadlines.

Marketing Manager Salary

The median annual salary for marketing managers in 2022 was $138,730, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, wages depend on the industry. Wholesale trade industry marketing managers had a median salary of $107,860. Meanwhile, marketing managers in the professional, scientific and technical services industry had a median annual wage of $131,190. Through 2032, the BLS projects that employment will grow by 6 percent for marketing managers, faster than the average for all occupations.

Education Requirements

At a minimum, a position as a marketing manager requires a bachelor’s degree. Business law, economics, finance, management, computer science, statistics and mathematics courses can also prove to be beneficial to the position. Completing internships may be advantageous, too. However, having a master’s degree will make candidates more appealing to employers.

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