Paralegals serve as the support crew for lawyers. They perform research, manage files, prepare documents, and accompany attorneys at depositions and trials. The responsibilities of a paralegal may vary depending on the area they work in and the size of their firm or business.

Job Responsibilities

The main responsibility for a paralegal is to complete legal, business or regulatory research for lawyers. Paralegals help prepare lawyers for trials, hearings and corporate meetings. They maintain and prepare legal documents in filing systems, collect and review data, gather evidence and investigate facts for cases. Paralegals must have good communication skills as they interact with colleagues, attorneys and other legal support staff. Contacting clients, lawyers and witnesses to schedule meetings, interviews and depositions is another aspect of the career.

Become a Paralegal

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Typically, paralegals work 40 hours a week, though overtime may be required in order to meet deadlines. Most of their work is completed in-office, but travel may be necessary for research, attending trials and depositions with attorneys and acquiring documents.

Paralegal Salary Details

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) said that in 2022 the median annual wage for paralegals was $59,200 per year. Paralegal employment is expected to grow 4 percent through 2026, keeping pace with the national average. In the future, law firms might continue maximizing the efficiency of their legal services and will hire more paralegals. Paralegals are also a lower-cost option to lawyers for some legal services, and firms may expand their paralegal workforce.

Education Requirements

An associate degree is usually sufficient for obtaining an entry-level paralegal job. However, many employers prefer that candidates have bachelor’s degrees. Many paralegals have backgrounds in one field, such as criminal justice, plus a certification in paralegal studies. This certification is not typically required.

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