What You’ll Earn: Information Technology Manager

An information technology manager is in charge of planning, coordinating and directing the computer and technology-related areas of a company or organization. IT management positions mix computer science-related skills with business-minded leadership. The responsibilities of an IT manager include:

  • Determining needs for the IT department that will help the organization meet its mission
  • Managing teams of IT professionals
  • Overseeing technology budgets
  • Assessing the benefits of new projects

IT managers work with other managers and executives to make recommendations concerning the information technology goals of their organization and how to implement best practices that will meet the goals.

IT managers not only analyze how a company uses technology but also strategize on changes they could make to improve efficiency. They work with and sometimes oversee teams of other IT professionals like computer systems analysts, software developers, information security analysts and computer support specialists.

IT manager is an administrative position. The different types of computer and information systems managers include chief information officers, chief technology officers, IT directors and IT security managers.

Career Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that jobs for IT managers will increase 15 percent by 2024. This is in part because more industries are expanding their operations to digital platforms and the cloud. Organizations need IT managers to help with the transition. IT managers who are versed in security and protocol are in demand because of cyber threats and hackers.

The industries that are hiring the most IT managers are the healthcare and insurance industries. The BLS reports that the demand for IT managers in the insurance industry will grow 26 percent. There may also be a shift in the way that IT managers are hired. Instead of being part of an organization’s IT department, IT managers may work for IT firms that fulfill their clients’ needs.

Salary Potential

The average salary for an IT manager is $131,600. Those who work in the information industry make $148,070, followed by computer systems design at $139,600 and finance and insurance at $136,240. The BLS reports that most IT managers work on a full-time schedule, though some positions require overtime when difficult problems arise.

Education Required

Most IT-related jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions. IT management positions often require a master’s degree as well as advanced work experience in the field.