What Is Sport Management?

Sport management is the field of business that focuses directly on sports and recreation. Many different subjects are incorporated into sport management such as administration, finance, law and ethics.

A degree in sport management can lead to career opportunities in the world of sports and recreation. Depending on what kind of sport management career interests you, possibilities include working directly with athletes, coaches and organizations or working behind the scenes as a promoter, marketing manager or sports economist.

There are many different aspects of sport management. Sports finance is a billion dollar industry. Individuals who are interested in the financial and economic aspects of the world of sports might consider focusing their studies on finance and related subjects. Similarly, sport managers who want to work for international sports organizations should take courses like international marketing.

Pursue a Career in Sports Management

Prepare yourself for battles on the turf or in the boardroom with an online master’s degree in sport management.

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There are many career opportunities associated with sport management. The most popular areas include working for secondary and postsecondary academic institutions, professional sports teams, sports associations and government parks and recreation departments.

Some other fields that are open to sport management professionals include:

  • fundraising
  • broadcasting
  • sporting goods sales
  • sports agencies
  • promotional and marketing agencies
  • interscholastic athletic administration
  • public relations
  • facilities management

Bachelor’s Degree

An online bachelor’s degree in sport management equips graduates for a variety of entry-level positions that, along with more professional experience, can lead to advanced career opportunities. Coaching jobs at the high school level or positions with local government parks and recreation departments are appropriate for someone with an undergraduate degree. Sporting goods sales and facility management are also appropriate for this level of education and experience.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree offers sport management professionals a variety of higher paying and more career opportunities. Specifically, a online Master’s in Sport Management prepares graduates for advanced job opportunities in recreational, interscholastic, amateur, collegiate and professional sports.

Coaches at the college and university level often have earned graduate degrees in sport management. Agents, recruiters and scouts can benefit from a master’s degree as well because of the in-depth and specific topics that are covered at the graduate level.

A master’s degree, along with at least five years of professional experience, can open the doors to job opportunities in larger sport management firms, professional sports organizations and other larger companies and organizations.

Professional Development for Sport Management

The North American Society for Sport Management is a professional organization that helps to support and assist sport, leisure and recreational professionals. The NASSM publishes a journal of research and scholarly writing relating to the field of sport management. The organization also encourages professional development through conferences and networking opportunities.