Professional Business Organizations for Students

Joining a professional organization is a great way to strengthen your resume and gain relevant knowledge about your career. There are many membership opportunities for students and professionals alike.

Professional organizations are generally nonprofit groups that aim to advocate for and encourage progress and development for a particular profession. Each organization offers different membership requirements and benefits. Networking is the biggest benefit for members. Professional organizations allow people working in the same field or in the same profession to connect and start conversations concerning best practices, trends and developments. Most organizations have an annual conference or job fairs. Both gatherings offer opportunities for better positions, meeting leaders in the industry and more.

Students who join student chapters of professional organizations have the added benefit of scholarship opportunities and mentorships. This is particularly beneficial for business students. Because most industries encourage continuing education and professional development, professional organizations often offer courses, workshops, publications, message boards and newsletters that help their members keep up to date on relevant trends and changes in their field.

There are many professional organizations affiliated with business because the business industry encapsulates many different fields.

Business Management

The American Management Association offers memberships to corporations, government agencies, small businesses, individuals and students. Members can access online and in-person seminars, books, podcasts and articles filled with relevant information for any management professional.

Human Resources

The National Human Resources Association (NHRA) was established in 1951 and aims to help HR professionals advance their individual career development, planning and leadership skills and knowledge. This organization focuses on providing support for members via networking forums and professional development opportunities. The NHRA website includes a job board and a calendar of upcoming meetings and events.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is one of the fasting growing fields. Students who are pursuing a career in healthcare management might find the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) a great opportunity for networking and career development. This organization provides members with education, certification, networking and advocacy for those working in healthcare revenue cycling.


Marketers must keep relevant and up to date on the latest trends. The American Marketing Association is divided into different aspects of marketing: advertising, branding, engagement, digital, global, marcom, metrics, research and strategy. This organization offers message boards, publications, resources, events and training. The AMA offers different memberships for professionals, young professionals, doctoral students, college students, groups and international professionals.

For those who are focusing on social media and digital marketing specifically, there is also the Social Media Club, a new organization that focuses on exploring key issues that society faces as technology transforms the way people connect, communicate, collaborate and relate. The Social Media Club offers events and training, job listings and a business directory.