Is a Business Degree Worth It?

The knowledge acquired via a college education in business can be applied to virtually any career track or vocational field. Degrees in business have existed since the 1800s and have always emphasized the practical nature of business. However, many business programs integrate technical learning with critical thinking. This produces well-rounded and skilled business professionals.

Business skills help artists sell their work and nonprofit organizations raise money and create sustainable programs. Business programs often emphasize the success rate of their students due to their focus on job preparedness.

Business programs, like our online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, allow students to tailor their education to their specific career goals. Future entrepreneurs can take courses in finance and marketing to turn their business ideas into achievable goals. Students who want to be accountants can take advantage of courses in accounting that will prepare them for further study.

Earning Potential for an Associate Degree in Business

Earning a postsecondary degree, whether it’s at the associate or bachelor’s level, can increase your earning potential, especially in the field of business. Upon graduation, many business majors find jobs easily and can expect to earn a much higher salary than others. Earning potential is an obvious draw to the subject of business. But other non-monetary returns on investment include having a utilitarian knowledge and set of skills to meet diverse challenges in the business world.

The Key to Success: Experience and Education

An associate degree in business does not mean that you are prepared to immediately join the workforce. Business positions require practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Experience is extremely important. Employers look for a solid combination of work history and academic background. Because of the results-oriented nature of the business world, you must show proof of your successes on the job.

Still, education is the key to standing out in the job market. Though you may have many accolades and successes in a position, many employers won’t promote workers who have not earned a college degree in their field. Earning a degree can convey to an employer that you are invested in learning and growing in your business knowledge and skills.

Advance Your Business Career

With an online business degree, you can elevate your administrative and leadership skills and acquire the level of expertise you need for any business career.

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