What You’ll Earn: Human Resources Manager Salary

Strong, decisive leaders with excellent decision-making, interpersonal and speaking skills may find a lucrative career as a human resources manager. HR managers are tasked with planning, directing and implementing the administrative duties of an organization or business. They’re responsible for a hiring department’s recruiting, interviewing and training programs. They’re in charge of consulting with high-level executives on workforce planning, and they serve as a link between these executives and employees. They oversee payroll operations for employees within a business.

Because organizations of all sizes and in all industries strive to attract and retain quality employees, the job of an HR manager is important. HR managers work in office environments, and those who work for businesses and organizations with multiple offices may find that their job requires travel between the various branches. These visits can include meetings, training and employee recruitment.

Career Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects employment of HR managers to grow 9 percent by 2024, which is faster than the average for all occupations. This growth depends on how individual companies and organizations perform. As companies grow larger and their needs for workforce management expand, so does their need for qualified HR managers.

Salary Potential

HR managers earn a median annual salary of $104,440, according to the BLS. Top industries employing HR managers include: professional, scientific and technical services; manufacturing; government; and healthcare and social assistance.

Education Required

The road to becoming a human resources manager includes a good deal of education and several years of experience in the field. Most positions require a master’s degree. HR managers must possess excellent interpersonal skills. Coursework in psychology, communication and conflict management will prove beneficial in the workplace.

Experience in organizing, directing and leading teams of people is essential to be qualified for HR manager positions. Many HR managers first work as HR specialists or labor relations specialists. Aspiring HR managers should develop a solid understanding of human resources programs, compensation and benefits plans, HR software and federal, state and local employment laws.

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