Overcoming Business Challenges with Adaptive Leadership

Every business is bound to go through moments of ambiguity as it evolves. Leaders who can help employees navigate challenging times and learn to address recurring problems can make a huge impact during that process. That’s why adaptive leadership is so important. Adaptive leadership is a management framework designed to help organizations not just navigate […]

7 Tips to Implement Flexible Seating Smoothly

This blog post was written by guest contributor Jessica Romeo of Hello 3rd Grade. If your social media feed is anything like mine, it’s probably flooded with photos of beautiful, flexible seating classrooms. But there’s very little practical information on how to make that work, where to start or the complications that may arise and […]

Teacher Role Models: How to Help Students Who Need It Most

  Being a teacher is the best job in the world but also very difficult. Each day brings new challenges, and each year brings new students. Getting to be a role model for these students has always been something I don’t take lightly. I teach at a district where students don’t always have the best […]

Building Student Leadership in the Classroom

Thinking deeply about subjects is a pivotal part of learning. Educators have always wanted their students to think about what is being taught, but the way they encourage that process is changing. Teachers no longer tell students what to think. Instead, they teach them how to think. Today’s instructors seek to build student leadership through […]

4 Engaging Classroom Activities that Promote Student Participation

Student participation is an important aspect of teaching. Learners who engage in student participation activities retain more information and give their teachers important visibility into how they understand concepts. In a study by Faculty Focus, more than 70% of students saw a positive relationship between their participation and learning. They also saw value in other […]

Teacher Leadership: The Role of Educators in Our Schools and Communities

Teachers have an enormous impact on our students and our communities. Shaping the minds of children is no small feat. Some educators take their devotion to teaching a step further by becoming teacher leaders. Teacher leaders take on various roles. They collaborate, research, innovate, mentor and advise, among numerous other responsibilities. While teacher leadership takes […]

Modern Forensic Technology

When it comes to solving crime, modern forensic technology is transforming investigations. Thanks to forensic science technology, cases can be solved faster and with more accuracy than ever before. According to Jennifer Doleac, founder of the Justice Tech Lab, modern forensic technology can “reduce crime, improve data quality and reduce racial disparities.” That means strides […]

6 Practical Ways to Confirm the Next Right Step in Your Life

Are you overwhelmed by what step in your life to take next? It is easy to feel stuck in the transition period of your life. Change is inevitable and can be extremely difficult and confusing if you are blindly experiencing it. Growing up as a missionary kid, my life was constantly changing, and I tend […]

Primary Care Shortages and the Role of Family Nurse Practitioners

The United States is facing a primary care shortage. There are not enough family doctors to meet the demand, and the deficit is expected to grow. Luckily, family nurse practitioners are stepping up to help fill the void. They play a key role in addressing the primary care shortage by building the same lifelong relationships […]

5 Ways to Follow God’s Plan for Your Life

Wouldn’t it be perfect if God would send down a blueprint for each of our lives? What if, when we were born, we came with an instruction manual that he wrote out for us? A manual that would outline what we should do to follow His plan for our lives? Sometimes, life can be so […]