Coming Together: The Importance of Church Community

When professor and apologist William Lane Craig started exploring life’s big questions as a teenager, he went to a local church and met other high school students. Unfortunately, the youth group community within the church seemed more focused on popularity than serving Jesus. “This really bothered me,” Craig wrote at his website Reasonable Faith. “‘They claim […]

Top Student Engagement Strategies for Your Classroom

This post was written by guest contributor Sarah Weedman. With so many unknowns as I prepare to go back into the classroom, I am focusing on student engagement strategies for the new school year. I am always looking for ways to increase student engagement and intrinsic motivation in my classroom. One thing that usually shocks […]

Criminal Justice Reform: Changing the System in Kentucky

There’s no easy solution for the problems in the criminal justice system. The issues are complex without even considering the political, economic and other considerations involved. But progress is possible. “A lot of it has to do with making people really aware of [the issues],” according to Joey Budd, assistant professor of criminal justice and […]

The Need for Probation and Parole Reform

Perhaps the largest conversation in criminal justice in recent years has centered on the U.S. prison population that skyrocketed between the 1980s and late 2000s. According to Pew Research, “Starting in 2007, policymakers seeking to protect public safety, improve accountability, and save taxpayer dollars initiated a wave of bipartisan reforms that has reduced the number […]

5 Inspiring Women Leaders in the C-suite

Women business leaders have too few C-suite inspirations. According to Pew Research, just 4.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs and only 22.2% of Fortune 500 board members were female in 2018. The all-time high for female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies was in 2017 at just 6.4%. That doesn’t mean women leadership isn’t a powerful force. […]

5 International Business Careers for Explorers

A global economy creates opportunities for those who love to explore and learn about the world while earning a paycheck. Those international business careers offer a wide variety of positions across industries and specialties, offering adventure and diversity on a global level. Whether you’re exploring cultures while researching from your desk or jetting from place […]

The 5 Best Sports Sponsorships

Companies spent just more than $17 billion on sports sponsorships in 2018, according to projections from IEG. That’s 70% of the total North American sponsorship market. Across all sports, sponsorships have become a massive part of the business taking place off the field of play. They have a tremendous impact on sports leagues, teams and fans […]

Overcoming Business Challenges with Adaptive Leadership

Every business is bound to go through moments of ambiguity as it evolves. Leaders who can help employees navigate challenging times and learn to address recurring problems can make a huge impact during that process. That’s why adaptive leadership is so important. Adaptive leadership is a management framework designed to help organizations not just navigate […]

7 Tips to Implement Flexible Seating Smoothly

This blog post was written by guest contributor Jessica Romeo of Hello 3rd Grade. If your social media feed is anything like mine, it’s probably flooded with photos of beautiful, flexible seating classrooms. But there’s very little practical information on how to make that work, where to start or the complications that may arise and […]

Teacher Role Models: How to Help Students Who Need It Most

  Being a teacher is the best job in the world but also very difficult. Each day brings new challenges, and each year brings new students. Getting to be a role model for these students has always been something I don’t take lightly. I teach at a district where students don’t always have the best […]