6 Practical Ways to Confirm the Next Right Step in Your Life

Are you overwhelmed by what step in your life to take next? It is easy to feel stuck in the transition period of your life. Change is inevitable and can be extremely difficult and confusing if you are blindly experiencing it. Growing up as a missionary kid, my life was constantly changing, and I tend […]

Primary Care Shortages and the Role of Family Nurse Practitioners

The United States is facing a primary care shortage. There are not enough family doctors to meet the demand, and the deficit is expected to grow. Luckily, family nurse practitioners are stepping up to help fill the void. They play a key role in addressing the primary care shortage by building the same lifelong relationships […]

5 Ways to Follow God’s Plan for Your Life

Wouldn’t it be perfect if God would send down a blueprint for each of our lives? What if, when we were born, we came with an instruction manual that he wrote out for us? A manual that would outline what we should do to follow His plan for our lives? Sometimes, life can be so […]

Building Families: Foster Care Social Workers

There were approximately 443,000 children in foster care in 2017, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. More than one-quarter of those children were waiting to be adopted. Unfortunately, the foster care system needs help, according to Anne Adcock, program director and assistant professor of social work at Campbellsville University. Some people […]

What is a Montessori Teacher?

There are many misconceptions about Montessori education. For instance, some think the students are on their own and teach themselves. There is some truth to that, as the method calls on students to work independently and for older students to mentor younger ones. However, the role of a Montessori teacher is critical to the students’ […]

A Holistic View of Social Work

Social workers help struggling individuals receive the care and resources they need to live healthy, comfortable lives. Through aiding vulnerable children at schools, assisting terminal patients with changes to their daily routines and counseling struggling families, social workers serve society in many ways. While unique tactics are required to help people with diverse medical and […]

Communication in Healthcare: The Nurse-Physician Relationship

Communication in healthcare is one of those topics people generally meet with an eye roll when it comes up in a staff meeting or at a conference. Communication difficulties comprise interactions between nurses, patients and physicians, but frequently cited is the complex relationship between nurses and physicians. The SBAR (Situation, background, assessment, recommendation) tool for […]

Montessori Classroom Design: Early Education

  Dr. Maria Montessori never “taught in a traditional classroom.” (1) She was Italy’s first female doctor, and her first practice was at the Orthophrenic School, more so an asylum, that housed children who were deemed uneducable. She researched and utilized some of the methods and materials designed by Itard and Seguin, and the results […]

3 Things to Remember When You Forget About God

Is your life pretty good right now? Sure, you have worries, stresses and the natural ups and downs of life, but for the most part, I’m willing to bet that things are fine. So, what happens to your faith when things are fine? Pastor Lee Martin said, “When things are going really well, that’s when […]

The New Sports Sponsorship Arena

Sponsorships are a major source of revenue in sports. In 2018, more than $17 billion was spent on sports sponsorships, according to estimates from IEG. Technology and new media have affected all facets of how people communicate, and they’ve also transformed the sports sponsorship arena. Brands want to take advantage of the latest opportunities to align […]