5 Inspiring Women Leaders in the C-suite

Women business leaders have too few C-suite inspirations. According to Pew Research, just 4.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs and only 22.2% of Fortune 500 board members were female in 2018. The all-time high for female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies was in 2017 at just 6.4%. That doesn’t mean women leadership isn’t a powerful force. […]

5 International Business Careers for Explorers

A global economy creates opportunities for those who love to explore and learn about the world while earning a paycheck. Those international business careers offer a wide variety of positions across industries and specialties, offering adventure and diversity on a global level. Whether you’re exploring cultures while researching from your desk or jetting from place […]

Overcoming Business Challenges with Adaptive Leadership

Every business is bound to go through moments of ambiguity as it evolves. Leaders who can help employees navigate challenging times and learn to address recurring problems can make a huge impact during that process. That’s why adaptive leadership is so important. Adaptive leadership is a management framework designed to help organizations not just navigate […]

Emotional Intelligence Test

Have you ever thought about how to control your emotions during a stressful situation? Or considered a co-worker’s possible response before you deliver bad news? If so, that’s a sign of your emotional intelligence. Testing Your Emotional Intelligence Thankfully, emotional intelligence isn’t a skill we are born with, but something we can learn and improve […]

Best Resume Skills to Impress Hiring Managers

It may not seem like it, but the United States is experiencing a faster rate of growth now than it did in the last decade. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 11.5 million new jobs to be added to the workforce by 2026, part of a 0.7 percent rate of job growth, more than […]

How Medical Biotechnology Is Advancing Modern Healthcare

Advancements in medical biotechnology have impacted millions of lives in the past few decades. From new vaccines developed to cure deadly diseases — such as during the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa in 2014 — to comprehensively mapping human DNA, the medical biotechnological industry has been on the forefront of technological advancement. Medical biotechnology […]

What Is Context Marketing?

Content is all around us. From televisions to mobile phones and computers, from advertising billboards to signs on city buses, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the advertising and marketing content all around us. Frankly, it’s content overload, which makes it even more important for advertisers and marketers to maximize that moment you see their product […]

Comparing Outcomes: BBA vs. MBA

A career in business can be a lucrative one — from well-paying entry-level positions to chief executives, who earn a median annual salary of $181,210. But what’s the best way to get into the industry? Most business jobs require a bachelor’s degree, and one that prepares students for the basics of such work is a […]

Sustaining Innovation vs. Disruptive Innovation

“Innovation is widely regarded as the single most important ingredient in today’s economy,” according to entrepreneur Faisal Hoque at Fast Company. Innovation not only impacts global economies and business models, but the quality of life of people. Innovation has changed the way people live, work and do business. Businesses can focus on two types of […]

10 Employee Engagement Ideas That Work

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, 51 percent of employees are either actively searching for new jobs or keeping an eye on job openings. This likely has something to do with the fact that only a third of American employees are engaged in their work and only a fifth feel that they’re managed in a […]