A Strong Foundation for Any Career

Enjoy a well-rounded education and discover your true passion with an online general studies degree from Campbellsville University.

Campbellsville University offers four online general studies degrees that help a student discover which interests to follow for his or her future career. The programs are perfect for students who are unsure of what subject to study or those who have a general idea but need broader exposure.

Our Certificate in Graduate English Studies allows students to develop advanced English skills in writing, reading and critical thinking so that they can later pursue other graduate programs or teach English in secondary schools. Study literature that traces Christian traditions and perspectives while growing both personally and professionally and expanding communication and analytical thinking skills.

The Associate of Science in General Studies focuses on areas such as business administration, philosophy, speech and interpersonal communications, psychology and natural sciences. The degree allows a student to discover which topics interest them the most so that they can apply his or her knowledge toward a specific bachelor’s degree by transferring up to 72 credit hours to advance his or her career. The general studies associate degree also requires students to complete the ETS Proficiency Profile Exam prior to graduation to evaluate their reading, writing, mathematical and critical thinking skills as a result of the general education program.

With our Bachelor of Science in General Business, students can get a broad-based business education that’s grounded in Christian values. The program covers the basic principles of business, such as accounting, marketing and business law. The topics allow students to refine their interests and determine which career path within business they wish to pursue. After graduating with this degree, students will have a well-rounded education and versatility within the business industry. They will not be restricted to a single career path, which will allow them to pursue any number of business careers or transition into another profession.

The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts & Science provides students with a well-rounded, insightful education in the area of his or her choice. It offers the choice of nine concentrations that include business administration, history, political science, Christian studies and more, allowing students to build on your background and tailor their degree to meet their personal and professional goals.

Students can conveniently earn their general studies degree online with a flexible format. Campbellsville University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Online General Studies Degrees




Careers in General Studies

Graduates of Campbellsville University’s online general studies programs can pursue any number of career paths. With an associate degree, graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in several fields. General business graduates can take on jobs in retail, quality control, operations and more.

  • Administrative assistant
  • Office manager
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Loan officer
  • Human resources specialist
  • Purchasing agent/buyer