Top General Studies Degree Jobs

A general studies degree is perfect for students who want to move up in their careers or begin a new path. This degree is also great for students who want to broaden their educational horizons. A general studies degree can be applied to a variety of career fields because of the number of subjects included. An Associate of Science in General Studies, for example, covers subjects ranging from art to business administration, communications to natural sciences and more.

An associate degree in general studies can prepare students for entry-level positions in a new field. Graduates of this program are also prepared to continue their education in a bachelor’s degree completion program when the time is right. This program is for students who want to continue their higher education but who may not know what subject or career path they want to focus on just yet. A foundational knowledge in a variety of subjects combined with communications and critical-thinking skills prepare students for many challenges in the workforce.


Retail and sales employees can work in a variety of fields. From car dealerships to clothing stores, retail professionals are oftentimes the face of a company. They spend time interacting with customers, making recommendations, answering questions and showing how products and services work. An associate degree provides retail professionals with communications skills needed to close deals and make sales. Retail positions are often the entry-level position for those who wish to climb the ladder to management positions within the company. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that retail sales workers make an average hourly wage of $10.60.

Administrative Assistant

For those who are interested in pursuing a career in business or business administration, an associate degree in general studies and a position as an administrative assistant can be the perfect starting point. Written communications skills and organizational skills are both covered in this kind of academic program. Administrative assistants schedule appointments, arrange meetings, answer phones and correspondences, edit documents and perform basic bookkeeping. The average salary of an administrative assistant is $36,500. Executive secretaries and executive administrative assistants make upwards of $53,370.

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

Paralegals or legal assistants are administrative assistants who support lawyers by organizing files, drafting documents and conducting research in law offices. Depending on the size of the law firm or office, a paralegal’s responsibilities may differ. Generally, paralegals are responsible for helping lawyers prepare for their cases. Paralegals must have strong communications skills, the ability to think quickly and critically and have a general knowledge of history and the law. Depending on what kind of law that a lawyer practices, other knowledge may be helpful as well. A paralegal working for an environmental law firm, for example, should have a basic knowledge of natural and environmental science. The average salary of a paralegal is $48,810.

Computer Support Specialist

Many skills are used for computer support jobs. Some of these positions do require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. However, most only require an associate degree and certification. Computer support specialists, also called technical support specialists, work for a company’s IT department. They help troubleshoot technology-related issues. They must be able to walk customers or co-workers through tech-related problems that may arise. The average salary of a computer support specialist is $51,470.

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