Why Become a Social Worker?

If you are looking for a career that truly makes an impact on others and the world around you, you should consider a career in social work. Why become a social worker? There are countless reasons why it’s a rewarding career — and why now is such a great time to enter the field. Perhaps these reasons will inspire you to take the leap and begin the journey.

Increasing Demand

Because of the rapidly aging U.S. population, more and more social workers are needed. With more and more baby boomers requiring care, the need for social workers specializing in gerontology will also grow. The second part of this demographic change involves the significant growth of minority groups. By 2050, the U.S. Census estimates over half of the population will be minorities. This will require more social workers who can address the issues many minority citizens face.

Another reason for an increase in social worker demand is the reforms and growth in the healthcare industry. As more people use the healthcare system, the amount of cases that need coordination and follow-up will also grow. Future social workers will have to understand this evolving industry and how it affects the people they work with.

Changes in Methodology and Technology

The development of technology has benefited social workers, providing them unfettered access to information pertaining to their cases. It is now easier than ever to coordinate efforts among doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, home aides and family caregivers.

Methodology is also changing in this field, with several social work groups using care models that simulate that of healthcare. In many situations, social workers are becoming care coordinators, working with a variety of individuals to help ensure the appropriate care is being provided. This may also involve reaching out to groups in the community to improve the well-being of individuals.

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A Variety of Career Options

One of the positives of a career in social work is the ability to shift jobs without leaving the field. Many social workers specialize in helping a certain set of the population, whether it is children, adults with disabilities or senior citizens. If you feel the need to address a different group, you can easily switch without pursuing further education or training. You can also switch from working with a government agency to working privately with a nonprofit group. Each offers its own benefit, and it is easy to change paths.

Social work offers employees great benefits, including health insurance and life insurance. Those who work in public agencies can even take advantage of pension programs that make retirement very easy.

A True Chance to Make a Difference

Being a social worker can be trying at times, but the opportunity to make a strong positive impact is immeasurable. You will be able to help people improve their lives. In some situations, you may even save lives. Social work careers are ideal for those who want to help others and be a positive force in the world.

Fostering the Next Generation of Social Workers

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