What Can I Do With a General Studies Degree?

An associate degree in general studies is an interdisciplinary track for students who wish to explore a number of subjects to determine their future professional and education goals. By studying everything from math to English to business, students can gain a solid foundation for their career or for pursuing a bachelor’s degree. The flexibility that comes with a general studies program can lead to a positive learning experience for students.

One of the biggest benefits of a general studies program is the personalized approach that fits with the needs and goals of the student. Many students approach college not knowing exactly what major they want to choose. A general studies program combines what a student wants with what a student needs to study. Because many students initially struggle with knowing what they want to focus on or where their talents lie, a general studies program can take the pressure off deciding too early what the correct path is.

Career Opportunities

A general studies degree can be helpful in a wide range of industries because the coursework encourages students to think broadly. Interdisciplinary degrees integrate a variety of fields and different ways of thinking, which ideally broadens an individual’s perspective and ability to think outside the box. Careers relating to management, administration, the arts, human resources and communications are all great fits for general studies graduates. 

Higher Education

A general studies degree positions a graduate to earn a bachelor’s degree. General studies programs emphasize creative and critical thinking, analysis and research. These are essential to success in baccalaureate programs in any field.