Best BSN Jobs: Flight Nurse

Highly trained in their field, flight nurses administer medical care while in a helicopter or airplane. They are usually the only caretaker for patients on a flight, and they need to remain composed during high-stress and dangerous situations. There is always a large demand for flight nurses due to the amount of responsibility required.

Job Responsibilities

Flight nurses are responsible for the care of patients while they’re being transported to a hospital by air ambulance. There may only be one flight nurse on board depending on the size of the aircraft. He or she must remain calm during emergency situations and utilize medical equipment and supplies. Flight nurses also need to be able to lift heavy items and stand for long periods of time.

Additionally, there are two types of flight nurses: civilian, who work for hospitals and trauma centers; and military, who work for the armed forces at bases or in combat zones. Being a flight nurse can be a satisfying job, though stressful and at times dangerous. Flight nurses are needed all hours of the day, so their schedules fluctuate. They might have to weekends, night shifts or be on-call.

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Flight Nurse Salary

Entry-level flight nurses with less than five years of experience have a salary of about $61,000. Those with 10-plus years of experience under their belts earn an average of $81,000 per year. The median salary for flight nurses is $67,881, according to PayScale. Depending on where they work, the amount of compensation they receive can vary.

Education Requirements

Becoming a flight nurse requires having at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, sometimes nurses choose to acquire a master’s degree in nursing to create opportunities for new careers. Certifications are also available for flight nurses. These certifications are typically preferred and are sometimes required by organizations, though nurses may be able to get them after being hired.

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