Program Information

Advance your career in nursing with the ACEN-accredited RN to BSN online program at Campbellsville University. This online degree program (a 24-hour clinical practicum is required in NUR 371 and a 24-hour clinical practicum is required in NUR 410) allows you to hone your nursing skills and develop an advanced grasp of patient care. You will learn about modern issues that affect nurses daily, like healthcare reform and advances in medical technology. With our courses, you will be prepared to move beyond entry-level roles and into leadership in your workplace. Thanks to the instruction from our superb faculty members, you’ll be able to provide better care of your patients and be prepared for management career opportunities.

Real-World Preparation

With the skills and credentials gained from our RN to BSN program, nurses are able to progress in their career path and open new doors. Benefits include:

  • The credentials you need to move beyond entry-level nursing positions
  • Advanced knowledge of modern nursing procedures and patient care
  • A grasp of the current healthcare industry climate, including the Affordable Care Act
  • Managerial skills that will allow you to seize responsibility in your workplace
  • ACEN-accredited program

Course Offerings

This program requires 120 credit hours of study. Although the completion time will depend on the amount of transfer credits brought to CU, the program can be completed in as little as two years.

General Education Requirements (41 credit hours)

Core Nursing Requirements (39 credit hours)
The following courses can be transferred in by completing an ADN or diploma program. 
NUR 100 – Fundamentals of Nursing – 7 hours
NUR 211 – Maternal-Child Health – 6 hours
NUR 103 – Med/Surg Nursing I – 8 hours
NUR 200 – Psych/Mental Health Nursing – 4 hours
NUR 201 – Med/Surg Nursing II – 6 hours
NUR 203 – Professional Nursing and Application to Practice – 5 hours
NUR 204 – Pharmacology for Nurses – 3 hours

BSN Core Requirements (24 credit hours)
Take each course on this list:
NUR 350 – Advanced Health Assessment – 4 hours
NUR 360 – Transcultural Nursing II – 4 hours
NUR 370 – Community Health Nursing I – 3 hours
NUR 371 – Community Health Nursing II – 3 hours
NUR 380 – Gerontology Nursing I – 3 hours
NUR 381 – Gerontology Nursing II – 3 hours
NUR 410 – Professional Nursing Leadership Capstone – 4 hours

BSN-Specific Requirements (13 credit hours)
Take each course on this list:
BIO 322 – Medical Microbiology – 4 hours
NUR 340 – Nursing Informatics – 3 hours
PSY 361 – Social Statistics – 3 hours
PSY 362 – Research Methods – 3 hours

Guided Electives (3 credit hours)
Choose one course from this list:
BA 300 – Contemporary Healthcare Management
BA 375 – Health Economics
BA 400 – Financial Management in Healthcare

How to Apply

The Campbellsville application program is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to begin your journey:

  1. Submit a complete application for admission form.
  2. Arrange for the office of admissions to receive an official transcript (containing a complete record of all courses attempted) from each college or university previously and currently attended.
  3. If transferring less than 24 credit hours, arrange for the office of admissions to receive an official and final high school transcript and an official ACT or SAT score report.
  4. Submit a copy of your RN license.

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