5 Jobs in Criminal Justice Administration

Graduates of a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration degree program are prepared in a variety of ways to meet the demands and constant evolution of the criminal justice field. Subjects like criminology, criminological theory, civil liberties, court processes and procedures and victimology all provide an in-depth look into the criminal justice system.

So what kinds of careers are criminal justice administration graduates prepared for? That depends on whether you want to go into law enforcement, corrections or law.

Police Officers

There are many different kinds of police officers: uniformed police officers, transit and railroad police and state police officers. Uniformed police officers have general policing duties that include patrolling and responding to emergency and non-emergency calls. The average salary for police and detectives is $60,270. Overtime pay is common, and many police officers choose to belong to a union.

Fish and Game Wardens

Fish and game wardens are the law enforcement professionals who enforce fishing, hunting and boating laws. They educate the public about laws pertaining to the outdoors and outdoor activities and recreation. Those who work for the federal government are called federal wildlife officers. A criminal justice administration degree could come in handy because management is such an important skill in this kind of position. The average salary of a fish and game warden is $52,780 a year.

Probation Officers

Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists work with individuals who are on probation. The main function of probation officers is to make sure that their probationers are not a danger to the community and are choosing the path to rehabilitation. This career requires organization, time management and a knowledge of the law. Generally, probation officers work with juveniles or adults, though there can be some crossover. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there will be around 3,300 new probation officer positions opening up by 2024. The average salary of a probation officer is $49,360. Many probation officers belong to a union.

Substance Abuse Counselors

Substance abuse counselors benefit from a background in criminal justice administration because their clients often have court proceedings. Most of these positions require an undergraduate degree and licensing. Substance abuse counselors work with clients and the criminal justice system to administer treatment for addiction. The average salary for substance abuse counselors is $39,980. Those who work for state and local government agencies make an average salary of $45,140.

Legal Assistants

Legal assistants and paralegals assist lawyers in organizing case files and documents, investigating facts, drafting correspondences, filing exhibits and briefs as well as scheduling meetings and depositions. Legal assistants are essential to lawyers because they help prepare for trials. The occupational outlook is good for those pursuing legal assistant careers, with 8 percent job growth expected by 2024. The median annual salary for legal assistants and paralegals is $48,810.