Christian Leadership Careers Apart from Ministry

Many students who earn a Master of Theology degree choose a career in a ministerial position in the church. However, Christian leadership careers aren’t limited to pastors or ministers. The skills students acquire through pursuing a Master of Theology degree can be applied to other careers. Graduates are prepared for opportunities in religious research, teaching, policymaking and counseling, among others.

Students in the online Master of Theology program offered by Campbellsville University explore biblical and theological studies and pastoral leadership. They gain the skills required to become dynamic and effective Christian leaders.

Potential careers for graduates with a Master of Theology degree include the following.

Camp Director

Camps are an opportunity for Christians to build community and integrate faith with recreational and social activities. Camps can range from day camps to outdoor adventure camps. They can be designed to minister to youth, men, women or families. Camp directors use their Christian leadership skills and knowledge to create programs and environments that encourage spiritual growth. Camp directors usually work for their church or denomination. They oversee a staff of counselors and other leaders who minister directly to attendees.

Biblical Scholar

For those interested in academic studies, becoming a biblical scholar may be the best career path. Biblical scholars examine and interpret the Bible. Biblical scholars can benefit from a Master of Theology degree through core courses in biblical studies and theological studies.


Christian counselors work both inside and outside the church. Their services supplement pastoral counseling. Christian counselors integrate faith and spiritual guidance with traditional counseling techniques. Counselors may assist those facing problems related to family, marriage, addiction, depression and loss. Counselors combine mental health services with faith to provide a more holistic approach.

Missions Director

Missions directors use their interpersonal, organizational and motivational skills to oversee missions programs and support missionaries. Missions work can be local, domestic or international. Missions directors work with pastoral and program staff to lead missions and outreach for their church. They utilize communications to build support for their organizations and programs. The missions director should be a key leader within the church, providing encouragement, strategy and support to various teams.

Christian Education Leader

Christian education is a key component of creating and sustaining a faith-driven environment and community. Christian education leaders are teachers, homeschooling parents, Christian school principals, Christian college administrators and more. They use their knowledge and skills to teach and supervise Christian education. In some cases, these careers require additional certification and licensing.

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