• Accessible


    Study from virtually anywhere and at any time.

  • Affordable


    Study online and pay less than half of what it costs on campus.

  • Attainable


    Your college degree is within reach. We offer 6 terms per year to study, so you can continue your studies year round and complete your degree on your schedule.


Campbellsville University, is a comprehensive, private university offering an online education through 16 fully online degree programs. 100% online, these accelerated distance learning programs make it accessible and convenient for you to earn your degree while maintaining your busy lifestyle.

Within our online school, degree programs combine general education with online courses in specialized areas of interest.

4 associate programs:

  1.  General Studies
  2.  Christian Studies
  3.  Criminal Justice
  4.  Business Administration
5 bachelor programs:

  1. RN to BSN (degree completion)
  2. Criminal Justice
  3. Business Administraion with Management emphasis
  4. Business Administration with Healthcare Administration emphasis
  5. Business Administration with Human Resources emphasis
6 Master’s degree programs:

  1. Management and Leadership (MML)
  2. Business Administration (MBA) traditional
  3. MBA- Healthcare Administration emphasis
  4. MBA- Human Resources emphasis
  5. MBA- Information Technology emphasis
  6. MBA- Marketing Emphasis