Master of Arts in Teaching Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Program Information

Enhance your career potential with Campbellsville University’s online Master of Arts in Teaching Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education degree. Designed to provide you with the advanced skills necessary to mold the minds of young learners, this degree program offers career-focused instruction founded on Christian leadership methods. Prepare for a rewarding career as a preschool or kindergarten teacher with courses on global perspectives of early childhood, communication strategies, integrated educational technologies and so much more.

In addition to our staff of experienced educators, you’ll also have access to a variety of helpful resources including our extensive eLibrary and virtual tutoring resources. And because this degree is offered fully online, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to complete coursework on your own time from wherever your busy schedule takes you.

Course Offerings

The online MAT in Early Childhood Education degree program is designed for working teachers with busy schedules, and is offered to traditional graduate students and to those striving to earn Option 6 certification. The program includes 36 credit hours of study and takes up to 18 months to complete.

ED 605 Research Methods and Procedures (3)
IEC 580 Advanced Curriculum & Methods I (3)
IEC 581 Advanced Curriculum & Methods II (3)
IEC 625 Global Perspectives in Early Childhood (3)
IEC 626 Collaboration & Communication in IECE (3)
IEC 628 Inst. Strategies for Literacy, Reading, Language Arts (3)
IEC 630 Advanced Child Development (3)
IEC 660 IECE Assessment & Intervention (3)
IEC 685 Integrated Technology & Curriculum (3)
ED 607 Graduate Practicum/Seminar (Option 6 Only) (3)

Electives Selected with Advisor Approval: 6 hours
IEC 520 +Teaching Kindergarten I (1.5)
IEC 521 +Teaching Kindergarten II (1.5)
IEC 627 Leadership of IECE Programs (3)
SED 697 Learning Disabilities (3)
SED 730 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (3)
SED 760 Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
IEC 604 MAT Practicum I (3)
IEC 605 MAT Practicum II (3)
IEC 606 MAT Practicum III (3)

Student Teaching: 6 hours
ED 608 Student Teaching (Traditional Candidates Only*)

*Candidates in Option 6 alternative program do not student teach

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Real-World Preparation

The quality instruction you receive from this online MAT degree will prepare you to build the educational foundations of your preschool or kindergarten students, plus enrich your career with new opportunities. Explore the benefits of earning your master’s degree online with Campbellsville University, including:

  • Earning the certification required to teach preschool and kindergarten students
  • Understanding the fundamentals of teaching young learners
  • Building a knowledge base of trends that are combining technology with education
  • Instruction from faculty members with real-world education experience
  • Online resources for educational and technical support

How to Apply

All candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in a certifiable content area in which they wish to
teach from an accredited institution.

  1. Submit a completed application.
  2. Submit an official transcript (containing a complete record of all courses attempted) from each college or university attended. Students must have 2.75 cumulative GPA, or a
    3.0 GPA in their last 30 hours of classwork.
  3. Submit documentation of passing score on Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators
    test (CASE).
  4. Submit three letters of recommendation.
  5. Other departmental documents as needed.

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