Master of Arts in Education in Educational Administration (Principal P-12) – Rank I

Program Information

Take the next step in your career with Campbellsville University’s online Master’s in Educational Administration (Principal P-12) – Rank I. In this Rank I program, students will learn the ins and outs of leading a school as an administrator, from balancing a budget to developing a positive culture among the organization’s teachers and staff.

Students study under experienced faculty who have real-world experience working in school systems, including current school administrators eager to share their wisdom and knowledge of cutting-edge educational administration methods.

With this degree’s fully online format, students can take advantage of a flexible schedule, allowing them to balance education with their professional lives. Become part of the next generation of school administrators with Campbellsville University.

Course Offerings

The program is 30 credit hours and can be completed in as little as one year.

  • AED 720 School Finance
  • AED 721 School Law
  • AED 802 Organizational Frameworks and Human Resources
  • AED 803 Evaluation of Staff and Culture
  • AED 804 Diversity in a Global Society
  • AED 805 Curriculum
  • AED 806 Fundamentals of School Administration
  • AED 807 School Principal Internship
  • AED 900 Administrative Support of Teacher Growth and Student Achievement
  • AED 901 Reflective Practice for School Leaders

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Real-World Preparation

Through the online Master’s in Educational Administration (Principal P-12) – Rank I, you’ll develop the skills necessary to become a successful school administrator and help educate the next generation of leaders and professionals.

There are several benefits students receive from taking this program at Campbellsville, including:

  • Program courses developed from practicing school administrators
  • Practical curriculum based on real-world scenarios, not theory
  • Students can be working as administrators while earning their degrees

How to Apply

The Campbellsville University admissions process is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to begin your journey:

  1. An online application for admission.
  2. Official transcripts; minimum 3.0 GPA.
  3. Master’s degree from an accredited IHE.
  4. Valid Teaching Certificate.
  5. Current professional growth plan.
  6. Disposition self-assessment.
  7. Documentation of three (3) years experience as a teacher.
  8. Three letters of recommendation; one letter must be from a building or district-level administrator, and two letters from a P-12 educator.
  9. Criminal Records Check (if not currently teaching).
  10. Diversity Survey.
  11. Signed Code of Ethics/Character and Fitness.
  12. Leadership essay (5-7 pages addressing the candidate’s skill and understanding of his or her ability to improve student achievement, leadership and advanced knowledge of curriculum, instruction and assessment).
  13. Signed superintendent’s statement.

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